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Happy Cooking Co., Ltd is a Health and Nutrition Company established in the year 2000. Happy Cooking is an Authorized Distributor of Saladmaster 316 titanium Stainless Steel Cookware in California. Our focus is to educate families on proper food preparation using the right foods and the right tools in your kitchen. We offer in-Home cooking classes for children and adults. No matter what your experience with cooking is you will learn about the enemies of nutrition, and how to prepare healthier, delicious meals in minutes.

The Saladmaster 316Ti cookware is made of the purest raw material, sourced, designed and engineered in the United States of America for more than sixty years. Saladmaster cookware is guaranteed for life and is proven to retain more than 93% of the essential nutrients in your foods according to Wisconsin University.

Three factors that increases the chances of developing debilitating dis-eases are; 1) Inflammation, 2) Oxidative Stress and 3) The inability to rid of toxins properly. Certain conditions, such as Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis and Auto- immune disorders have an obvious inflammatory component.

Chronic, low-levels of inflammation sometimes referred to as systemic or silent inflammation has now been linked with diseases ranging from Heart disease, Diabetes, and Cancer to Depression, Alzheimer's, and Osteoporosis. "What is the cause of Inflammation??? That's right you guessed it, Food and Lifestyle.

Our Objective is to share cooking alternatives in the kitchen that help you maximize the nutrition in your foods and prevent many inflammatory conditions.

Call us 888-867-4045 to inquire about our In Home Cooking Class Program. Email us at

Quality of life begins with the very thing we put inside our bodies, the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the water we drink and the environment we live affects the quality of our health and well being.

Children live what they learn! Teach them in their youth how to heal their bodies naturally by educating them on the healthier food alternatives at home and away from home. This is truly the gift of life!

Food is Energy and Energy is Life. In order to preserve our own Health and Vitality, we need to preserve the vitality of the foods we ingest.

Life begets life, this is the premise of Biogenesis, keep the life in your food and you keep the life in your cells. Become the change you want to see in yourself, each head is a world. Jael Tanti.

Happy Cooking Co has celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary in 2010!

10th Anniversary

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